Russia-Ukraine crisis: Rajasthan Govt to compensate for the fare for people returning from Ukraine

Rajasthan Govt to compensate for the fare for people returning from Ukraine. Rajasthanis will also be helped by the state government from airport to home.


Rajasthan CM announced the reimbursement of the ticket amount for Rajasthanis returning from a war-struck Ukraine. Rajasthan Foundation will also support Rajasthanis reaching at several airports in the country. 

CM shared a tweet that says “During the war situation between Ukraine and Russia, after the advisory of the Ministry of External Affairs, the ticket amount of Rajasthanis coming back to their homeland on personal expense will be reimbursed”.

He further tweeted that “Rajasthan Government has instructed to facilitate the transportation of state locals arriving at Delhi, Mumbai and other international airports safely back to their homes. Rajasthan Foundation will be coordinating for the same”.

800 Rajasthani students and 500 migrant-businessmen stranded in Ukraine

Around 800 students and 500 migrants from Rajasthan are stranded in Ukraine amid the war situation. The students of Rajasthan trapped in Ukraine had gone to do their course in the last days after the situation of Corona lockdown improved by incurring air expenses of 50 to 60 thousand rupees. At the same time, about 500 migrant Rajasthani businessmen are also trapped in Ukraine. 

The government has raised the demand for the safe return of the citizens of Rajasthan by sending a letter to the Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs. Rajasthanis and Indians will soon be airlifted from Ukraine’s neighboring countries – Poland, Hungary, Slovak, Romania border.

16 thousand students of India stranded

 According to the data received from the Government of India, about 16 thousand Indian students are in Ukraine. These include 1400 Indian students studying in ‘Ternopil National Medical College’. 

Ukraine’s airspace closed since February 24

Ukraine’s airspace has been closed due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Due to which passenger flight operations are completely closed from there. After reaching the neighboring countries by road, people can now come from there only through flights.

Camps set up in 4 neighboring countries of Ukraine

Camps have been set up in Ukraine’s 4 neighboring countries, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, to send overseas Indians and students to India by giving them a safe passage. In which officials of the embassies of these countries and the Ministry of External Affairs of the Government of India are present. 

The Rajasthan Foundation has contacted the migrant Rajasthanis in these countries and arranged for the students to stay in the hotel, eat and drink and other help. For the convenience of Rajasthani citizens and students, help desks have been set up at Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi and Sanganer International Airport in Jaipur.

Rajasthan Helpline

Anyone affected by the Ukraine crisis can directly contact –

Chief Minister’s helpline number: 181 

Telephone Number: 0141-2229091, 2229111

Email: [email protected]  

Mobile Number: 08306009838

The Indian Embassy at Ukraine Capital issued a new advisory 

The Indian Embassy at Ukraine Capital has issued a new advisory for all Indian Nationals and students stranded in Ukraine amid the Russian attack. 

The circular requests all citizens to not move borders before coordination with the officials of the Indian government. The citizens are expected to be indoors, with access to food, water and other basic amenities rather than reaching border checkpoints with misinformation. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the Embassy to relay help to the citizens arriving at the borders without prior information.

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