Robbery attempt in PNB Bank of Jaipur

Robbery attempt in PNB Bank of Jaipur, Cashier shot

Firing and attempted robbery in PNB Bank in Jaipur, Masked miscreants entered with weapons, cashier was hit by 3 bullets, but saved the bank from robbery.


An attempted robbery was made in Punjab National Bank (PNB) at 10 am on Friday. Two masked miscreants entered with weapons, took the bank employees hostage and shot the cashier. The incident took place in the Jhotwara area of ​​Jaipur. 

An attempt to rob a bank in Jaipur was failed by the courage of the cashier. The robbers shot the cashier three times, but the accused became helpless in front of his courage. However, the bank cashier was badly injured and one of his kidneys was damaged. During treatment his kidney had to be removed. At present he is being treated in a private hospital in Jaipur.

The cashier, Narendra Singh Shekhawat (44), is a resident of Jhunjhunu. He lives with his family in Ganesh Nagar Extension Kardhani. Has been head cashier for the last 3 years.

The complete story of the incident

The incident took place at the PNB branch on Joshi Marg in Jhotwara. There are 8 employees working in the bank. The bank opened as usual at 9:30 on Friday morning. Manager Manish Saini, female employee Vinesh Chaudhary and class IV employee Ramesh Saini were the first to arrive. The work starts after all the employees arrive by 10 am.

At around 9.40, 10 minutes after the bank opened, two boys came wearing gloves on their hands and masks on their faces. A miscreant went inside the bank to see the environment. The other one was standing in the ATM booth in the bank premises waiting for his signal. He waited in the booth for 10 seconds and after that he also came inside the bank.

After they entered and started roaming in the bank, the bank manager, Manish Saini interrupted him after seeing him wearing a mask. When asked to remove the mask, a miscreant took out a pistol and pointed it at him. He also threatened the other three employees including the manager present in the bank to remain silent. The bank manager was then taken aside and locked in a cabin. 

The miscreant who threatened with a pistol gave a signal and sent his companion towards the main gate of the bank to keep an eye on the people coming from outside. After this the miscreant took both the bank employees towards the strong room. After this they tried to rob the strong room of the bank, but then bank cashier Narendra Singh Shekhawat entered and showed courage and caught one of the criminals. 

Scuffle with Shekhawat who came at 9.46

Head cashier Narendra Singh arrived at 9.46 am, 6 minutes after the miscreants entered the bank. He saw a boy wearing a mask standing at the gate. He then went near the strong room, he saw a pistol in the hand of a young man wearing a mask. During this time, he got into a scuffle with the miscreant standing near the gate. He caught hold of a miscreant and started hitting him with his helmet.

Meanwhile, another criminal standing nearby also reached the cashier. They tried to catch both the miscreants together. In this all three fell on the ground. One of the criminals caught hold of him and another opened fire on him. The miscreants fired three bullets at him. The first bullet hit the stomach on the right side, the second bullet hit the back and the third bullet hit the left side near the chest. The miscreants tried to snatch the bag hanging on the cashier’s shoulder, but he did not let them take the bag. Despite being injured, the cashier showed courage and fought and held on to both of them for about seven minutes.

Narendra Singh fell on the ground in a bloody condition and caught hold of a criminal. The second criminal escaped from his clutches. Even while they were running, the miscreant fired at him. Narendra shouted and made noise to catch one criminal and get the other one arrested. Hearing the sound of gunshot, neighboring shopkeepers also came inside the bank. With the help of bank employees and people, a criminal was caught. After this, angry people beat him severely.

Criminal’s feet tied with rope

Meanwhile, seeing the commotion outside the bank, lady constable Maneka of Jhotwara police station, who was on duty, came running. With the help of people, the miscreant was caught and controlled. The criminal was made to sit near the railing outside the bank with a rope tied around his leg. 

The criminal Bharat Singh (36), who was caught outside the bank, was arrested by the Jhotwara police station. After this the accused was interrogated about his companion. Meanwhile, a blockade was imposed in the entire area. After a struggle of about 2:30 hours, fellow criminal Manoj Meena (29) was arrested from Mansarovar.

Planning of bank robbery after 3 months of reiki

Additional Commissioner (First) Kailash Chand Bishnoi said that the miscreants were doing reiki for three months to rob the bank. Before coming to commit the crime, the miscreants had left their mobile phones two kilometers away, so that they could not be caught by the police.

The criminal Bharat Singh lived on rent at different places in Jaipur for three years. In this regard, information is being collected from the landlords. The entire planning was done by Bharat Singh Meena. After this he called his brother Manoj Meena from Bhadra to Jaipur. He was also aware that no security guard was deployed in the bank. The miscreants had also prepared a route to easily commit the crime in the morning. Manoj was also shot in the leg during the incident.

Two may be involved in bank robbery

The criminals may be involved in two bank robberies that had already taken place in Jaipur. Paper cuttings of the last two years have been found from the room of these miscreants. Various types of route maps and charts have also been recovered from the room of these miscreants. Maps of where the miscreants had to run after the robbery were also recovered from the room.

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