Rajasthan Petrol pump operators on strike

Petrol pump strike called off in Jaipur from today

Petrol pumps will open in Jaipur from today; The government gave assurance, the operator agreed and called off the strike.


Petrol pumps will open in Jaipur from Monday. After the assurance given by the state government, Jaipur District Petroleum Dealers Association has withdrawn the strike. However, There was a petrol pump strike in Sriganganagar, Churu, Bundi and Sirohi of the state. 

The strike ended late night after talks with Jaipur District Petroleum Dealers Association Minister, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. Jaipur District Petroleum Dealers Association has given this information by issuing a press release. 

The association stated that on the assurance of the government, we announce the withdrawal of our strike from 6.00 am on March 11 in view of the facilities of the people of Jaipur and the annual examinations of the students. The government has assured that they will consider our demands.

Apart from this, the State President of Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association, Rajendra Singh Bhati had said that the strike of pump operators will be postponed on March 12 due to the board exam in Jaipur. Along with this, a rally will also be taken out till the Secretariat in Jaipur.

There was a petrol pump strike in Sriganganagar, Churu, Bundi and Sirohi of Rajasthan today. The pumps remained closed in the morning shift which opened at 10.30. Petrol pumps are open in all other districts. In some districts one or two pumps have been kept closed. At the same time, in the districts where petrol pumps are closed, diesel and petrol are not being filled in any vehicle except those connected to emergency services.

There was a loss of Rs 35 crore in one day

Treasurer of Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association, Sandeep Kumar Bhageria said that many petrol pumps in the state were closed on Sunday. Due to this the government suffered a loss of revenue of about Rs 35 crore in a day.

Committee was formed after the strike in September

• Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association also went on strike on 13, 14 and 15 September demanding reduction in VAT from the government.

• The government had ended the petrol pump strike by forming a committee. However, during this period, due to lack of unanimity in the association, petrol pumps were also open in many cities.

• Something similar is being seen in the strike that started today. Petrol pump operators of more than 5 cities of the state are out of this strike.

• The strike taking place across the state had no impact in Jodhpur. Officials of Jodhpur Petroleum Dealers Association said that there has been a demand for a long time to reduce the increased VAT in Rajasthan. But no one has listened yet.

• There is 31.04 percent VAT on petrol in Rajasthan. Similarly, there is 19.30 percent VAT on diesel. Diesel and petrol are being sold cheaper in the neighboring states of the state.

• Its greatest impact is on the districts of areas bordering Haryana and Gujarat. Due to reduced VAT, most of the vehicles get diesel and petrol filled from other states. In such a situation, the local pump may suffer a lot of damage.

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