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10 Best pet shops in Jaipur for your furry mate


There are millions of households that are not only home to humans, but to pets as well. The pet owners keep them like their own children taking care of their food, hygiene, as well as their grooming and pampering. Pet care is incomplete without buying pet supplies and that is why there are pet shops in Jaipur mushrooming in every nook of the city. A pet store is classified as a store that specifically sells pet products including pet food, bedding, bowls, treats, and many other supplies. Shopping for your pet is the best way to show them that you care for them. 

If you are trying to find the best pet stores in Jaipur for any and all of your pet shopping needs, you will be happy to learn that there are a lot of options for you to pick the best. 

Best pet shops in Jaipur

Every pet is special and unique in its own way and every pet parent wants the best for their fluffy one. So, why not treat them in a special way? Your pet deserves the best pet shop in Jaipur. Here is the best of all.

1. The dog father


From dog grooming products to all the nutritional supplies you need, the dog father is a one stop pet store in Jaipur. You can walk into the store for shopping or can order online as well. They offer accessories not just for dogs but for kittens too. Not just this, this Jaipur pet shop also provides a hostel facility to keep your pet if you are going out of town. You can definitely try them if you want premium quality products for your furry friend. It is a must-visit for all pet owners.

Address: 147 B, Bhatia Hospital Marg, near Panchwati Circle, Raja Park, Jaipur
Contact: 096725 02244

2. Furr mama 

Furr mama 

It is the best place in Jaipur for anything your dog needs. Since its inception in 2020, this Jaipur dog shop in Jaipur has quickly won the hearts of pet owners. Furr mama ensures your pet is healthy and happy offering a great range of quality products as well as dog grooming. Whether you need dog accessories and food or whether it is training them or taking them on a walk, Furr Mama is the best you can get. They also provide vet services. 

Address: 1, 471-A, Chitrakoot Marg, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur
Contact: 08696231234

3. Dogs heaven 

Dogs heaven

This is the finest dog pet shop in Jaipur anybody can find in jaipur for buying good quality pets supplies. Enter this shop and you will be greeted to a new world. From interactive toys to stylish and comfy sofa beds and from cute leashes to numerous treats- they’ve got it all. Every time you visit here you won’t be able to resist buying some stuff for your pet. Their shelves store everything for your pooches’ needs – medicines, toys and accessories, leashes, special treats, carriers etc.

Address: Shop No.13-14, Near Sodhani Sweet, Ajmer Rd, Purani Chungi, Jaipur
Contact: 072220 00884

4. Indian dog world 

Indian dog world 

Known for its wide variety of pet supplies and accessories, Indian dog world has a special focus on premium pet supplies from top brands. It is one of the amazing pet shops in Jaipur to look out and buy dog supplies or the best in Jaipur. Straight from deciding on the perfect pet for you, to buying the right kit and accessories for them, this shop is a go to place. The Indian dog world helps in grooming your pets! Head here with your pooch, and shop for supplies while your Good Boy chills takes his time exploring. 

Address: N. S. Road Jaipur, New Sanganer Road, Ved-Vatika, Ramnagar Extension, Sodala, Jaipur
Contact: 099284 59617

5. The Petland 

The Petland

A pet shop and grooming center, Petland is another store which has a super exhaustive collection of treats, speciality foods, toys, leashes, etc. While your fluffy pet gets washed, groomed and brushed, you will go crazy checking out the assortment of pet stuff they sell. This pet store in Jaipur might not be very famous but it’s already enticing pet owners in the city with its range of treats and toys. This got you curious, right? Go shop here with your beloved.

Address: 6/33, Prabhati Enclave Above Kebab & Curries Co., Chitrakoot, Ajmer Road, near S B B J Bank, Jaipur
Contact: 098280 49039

6. Naughty dogs 

Naughty Dogs

The dog pet shop in Jaipur has a variety of food options and based on your pooch’s tastes, you can order in. Naughty dogs aims to go beyond selling products and become a common platform for pet parents to have a conversation. The store stocks everything from food, treats, toys, clothes, and leashes to bowls, travel kit, hygiene stuff, and lots of other accessories. We bet it will take you a while to step out of this place once you enter.

Address: 18 B-I, Ashok Colony, Jagatpura Rd, Balaji Mod, Jaipur
Contact: 098280 58388

7. Doggiesthan 

doggiesthan jaipur

Doggiesthan is a compact-sized Jaipur pet shop offering a great range of pet food, grooming products. It is a go-to pet store in jaipur where you will spot leashes, food bowls, and chew toys that come in oh-so-many colours. When you’re done staring at them and appreciating them, move on to the meal section. They’ve got meaty options for your pup and you can take your pick between brands like Drools, Pedigree, etc. Apart from grooming and hygiene products, Doggiesthan is also home to pet supplements.

Address: 53/91, Saryu Marg, opp. JKJ Jewellers, Ward 27, Mansarovar Sector 5, Mansarovar, Jaipur
Contact: 081697 45550

8. Paw story 

Paw Story-Pet Shop In Jaipur

For pet parents, the entire world circles around their furry babies. What to eat, when to sleep, walk time, playtime- they really make sure their pooches get every comfort they deserve and Paw story helps you do that. Paw story is one of the best pet stores in Jaipur where you can grab the best goodies and accessories for your four-legged friends. They have got different sections for food, clothing, bedding, toys and also apparel for your furry friend.

Address: Hoshiar Singh Marg, near Apollo Pharmacy, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur 
Contact: 076655 79977

9. Mad about dogs 

Mad About Dogs

Mad about dogs is your go-to pet shop in Jaipur for all your furry babies stuff. You will find all the trending products like accessories, doggy wear, pet food, grooming, toys, bedding and much more. The store is also filled to the brim with pet shampoos. Stuff from this store will make sure your pup is fresh and hygienic at all times! Mad about dogs is actually really well stocked when it comes to goodies for the furry ones. They have amazing clothes for your pet in colourful and graphic prints.

Address: Bagadia bhawan, F-15, Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur
Contact: 099829 11111, 7947059583

10. International dog bazar 

international dog bazar

They house the best toys, leashes, food bowls, and games for your cuddle buddy. Also, if you are looking for their snacks, you’ll find all kinds of nutritious, healthy, tasty and unique snacks here. While you are shopping for your furry baby, let them enjoy their haircuts, shampoos, manicures and pedicures, since they provide grooming services for pooches as well. With a vast collection, trust us, your pet will love everything which you will take home.

Address: C 3, Panch Batti, Jayanti Market, New Colony, Jaipur
Contact: 098290 51852

So, by now your search for the best pet shops in Jaipur might have ended. These are some stores where you can find a variety of all kinds of pet supplies.

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