Parking system at walled city markets now changed

Now, parking for more than three hours will not be allowed in the walled city markets, the system will start from the first week of May.


The parking problem in Jaipur’s walled city markets and illegal recovery in the name of parking will now be solved. The Heritage Corporation has decided to arrange a car park for a maximum of three hours. The decision has been taken in the public interest and the implementation for the same will be done in the first week of May.

Under this new parking system, the charge for up to three hours will remain the same. The charges will be Rs 10 for a two-wheeler and Rs 30 for a four-wheeler. The reason behind fixing the same fee is that three hours is enough time to make purchases in the market.

According to the Commissioner of Heritage Municipal Corporation, Awadhesh Meena, “Our priority is to provide parking facilities to the people in the market. There were also complaints of illegal recovery. The delegation of traders had also given suggestions to improve the parking. New tenders have been floated on the same basis.”

Strict action will be taken

The four-wheelers will have to be parked at 45 degrees in the parking places of the markets of the walled city. The vehicles will be allowed to park for a maximum of three hours. After three hours, if the vehicle is still parked, the contractor will have to get the vehicle lifted by the traffic police.

Apart from this, an ID card and wearing the uniform will be mandatory for the personnel working at the parking lot. Also, it will be necessary to cut the slip by an electronic machine. Failure to do so will result in strict action as per rules.

Monthly pass rates also changed

Earlier the monthly pass for two-wheeler was Rs 400 and for four-wheeler was Rs 1000. Now, the monthly pass of a two-wheeler will be Rs 300 and Rs 700 will have to be spent for the pass of the four-wheeler.

There were illegal parking fares

Looting was happening with the citizens at the parking lots in the city. People were charged three different fares adding a separate fee for three-hour parking. For three hours 90 to 100 rupees were being charged, whereas the parking charges for three hours for four-wheeler residents were fixed up to Rs. 50. There was illegal parking at Panch Batti Chouraha, Mall 21. Now, the parking here will be arranged by the Heritage Corporation.

The decision has been taken as the trading of the markets is also being affected. There are many cars which are parked all day long. In such a situation, many customers are not able to get a place to park their car. The decision is expected to benefit the customers as well as the market.

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