Genome sequencing of every positive in Rajasthan

Covid alert, Genome sequencing of every positive in Rajasthan

Covid alert in all the states, Genome sequencing of every positive in Rajasthan, Random sampling in crowded areas

Corona News Update News

After the outbreak of Corona again in China and Japan, Rajasthan has also come on alert mode. After the Central Government’s instructions were issued, the Health Department of the state has asked all the District Collectors to get the genome sequencing of the patients coming positive.

Instructions have been given to follow the protocol with Covid patients as per the old guideline. Along with monitoring and testing those coming to India from other countries, instructions have been given to increase vaccination. 

Random sampling in crowded areas 

The department has also issued orders for random sampling in crowded areas. This sampling will be done at places including railway station, bus stand, vegetable market. Along with this, instructions have been given to take samples of suspected patients coming to PHC, CHC and hospital. Along with this, the Chief Medical and Health Officers (CMHOs) of all the districts have been instructed to get samples of every suspected patient tested and if found positive, they should be sent for genome sequencing.

Genome sequencing will be done in every district

The deadliest variant of Corona, which many countries are apprehensive about, has not reached anywhere even in Rajasthan. For this, orders have been issued for genome sequencing of positive cases so that if any new variant of Corona is found, it can be detected and alerted to the people.

The Health Secretary has given instructions to send these samples to the labs of Jaipur and Jodhpur Medical Colleges. Along with this, as per the protocol issued earlier, instructions have been given to isolate the positive patient after being detected and keep monitoring him till the report comes.

Genome sequencing facility in Jaipur-Jodhpur only

How many forms a virus changes after being mutant, how it looks, how much it can impact people, how fast it can spread. This information is obtained from genome sequencing technology. For this, samples of patients infected with corona are taken and examined. At present, genome sequencing labs are available only in Jaipur and Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

This is the provision in the guideline

  • A door-to-door survey team will go to every district and identify suspected patients.
  • Get samples of the suspected patients coming to the OPD in the hospital and get them tested.
  • Samples of all the patients found positive should be collected.
  • People should be made aware to connect to it by reactivating the control rooms set up earlier in all the districts and subdivisions of the state.
  • Complete arrangement of medicines and test kits should be ensured in all big and small hospitals.
  • Collectors should review the prevention and control of this virus by meeting with police, municipalities, panchayati raj department, police and women and child development employees in their districts.

There is currently no ban on events and programs

In the guidelines that the Health Department has just issued, all the CMHOs have been instructed to make preparations. However, nothing has been released yet regarding the restrictions related to the public. A separate guideline may be issued by the Home Department regarding mandatory wearing of masks, compulsion of numbers on public events and other restrictions. Apart from this, no guideline has been issued regarding Christmas and New Year party.

No Covid test at the airport

As of now, no Covid tests are being done at airports. The flights are coming from Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Muscat in Rajasthan, but the Covid test of passengers coming from abroad is not being done.

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