fire broke out in Jaipur Collectorate

Massive fire broke out in Jaipur Collectorate

A huge fire broke out at the Collectorate of Jaipur at 5 in the morning. Everything including computers, documents and furniture got burnt, no loss of life.


A massive fire broke out in Jaipur Collectorate this morning. All the documents, computers and furniture were burnt to ashes in the fire that broke out in the office of Sub Registrar No. 5. The fire broke out around 5 am, which was extinguished after two and a half hours with the help of three firefighters. 

After getting the information, the police and fire brigade arrived and started the work of extinguishing the fire. The fire was brought under control in two and a half hours around 7:30 in the morning.

According to the Sub Registrar, Satyaveer Singh, “Most of the records remain online, only the old records were kept in the office. The extent of loss would be known once everything is examined. Civil work is going on near the Sub Registrar Office to convert Sub Registrar Office-2 into a model office on the lines of the Passport Office. The cause of the fire is still not known, but the primary cause is believed to be a short circuit in the power line.”

Registry will be in another office

There is no loss of life in this arson, but now the work of this office will be shifted to another circle. However, all the work is done online, so any person can go to any other sub-registrar office and get the registration done.

There was not a single security guard

According to sources, there was not a single security guard around this office at the time of the fire. The fire was reported by a security guard posted in a hotel behind the office. The good thing is that there was a fire station only 300 meters away from the Collectorate, due to which the fire brigade vehicles and team reached on time. However, by the time the team received the information and started extinguishing the fire, 90 percent of the items kept in the office were engulfed in flames.

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