Jaipur Metro To Be Extended To City’s Highways

Jaipur Metro is set to expand its reach to the highways within the city by 2025 or 2027 to improve transport and ease traffic congestion.


Jaipur’s metro system is poised for expansion, with two upcoming extensions planned to connect the city’s southwestern and northeastern highways by 2025 and 2027, respectively. These projects are integral to the Integrated Transport Management System and encompass the development of new metro lines and satellite bus stops. The primary goal of these extensions is to enhance transportation in Jaipur and ease traffic congestion.

As per the Urban Development and Housing (UDH) department, metro services will extend to Jaipur’s southwestern highway by March 2025 and the northeastern highway by April 2027. These extensions are integral components of the Integrated Transport Management System (ITMS), a collaborative effort between the transport and UDH departments.

A senior UDH official mentioned, “If all goes smoothly, the Jaipur Metro is expected to reach the 200-feet bypass on Ajmer Highway by March 2025. Additionally, we are optimistic about finishing the extension of the Badi Chaupar and Transport Nagar stretch by April 2027. The ongoing work is progressing according to our schedule.”

According to the plan, the metro will undergo further expansion, encompassing a 1.35 km elevated stretch from Mansarovar to the 200-feet bypass, with a construction cost of Rs 204.81 crores. In the walled city areas, the metro will extend by another 2.85 kms to reach Transport Nagar near Agra Road. This segment will be underground until it reaches the proposed station near Ramganj Market and then transition to an elevated stretch to reach Transport Nagar. The government has allocated Rs 980.08 crores for this project. These two extensions are expected to significantly benefit the Integrated Transport Management System (ITMS).

Officials have indicated that two satellite bus stops will be established, one on the 200-feet bypass and another on Agra Road, serving as alternatives to the existing Sindhi Camp bus stand. This arrangement will see numerous buses from destinations like Ajmer, Bundi, and Kota concluding their routes at the 200-feet bypass. Similarly, buses originating from the north and northeast, including places like Delhi, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, and even Haryana, will terminate at these new satellite bus stands.

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