Jaipur International Airport

Jaipur International airport will be silent from Feb

From February 1, Jaipur International Airport will become a ‘silent airport’ as there will be no announcement from the day.


Jaipur International Airport (JIA) will become a completely silent airport from February 1. Passengers will no longer hear all kinds of announcements from the security check and boarding of their flight at Jaipur airport.

These changes are going to happen at the airport from February 1. However, emergency announcements will continue to be made through the public announcement systems. These emergency announcements will be made only for passenger safety, emergency and Covid protocol announcements as per the requirement.

Changes will happen from February 1

After the announcement stops at Jaipur airport from February 1, all kinds of information will be given on dozens of LED screens installed at the airport. The screens are located outside and inside the terminal, in the check- in hall and at all security- related locations.

According to the information, there are dozens of screens at the airport which gives information about the convenience of passengers and flight information. Now all kinds of travel related information will be available on these screens.

Now all airlines companies will inform passengers about change in time, baggage delivery belt or any kind through SMS on their mobile numbers. Through LED screens and SMS, it will be ensured that no information of any kind is missed by the passengers. Technology based PA systems will also be deployed at the airport to provide important updates to passengers.

Will run a campaign

Not only this, an awareness campaign will also be conducted at the airport to make the passengers aware about the silent airport. Awareness related sign boards, display screens, standees, mobile SMS as well as other means will be used to make passengers aware.

In fact, Silent Airport is an initiative to ensure that passengers can use their favourite activity while waiting without any disturbance. Also, airports aim to make the travel experience more comfortable for passengers by reducing noise inside the terminal

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