Crackers free Diwali

How to celebrate Diwali without crackers


While the fight with corona is still not over, and we have learned to survive with it, we are still trying to resume back to a new normal. With the festival season kicking in following the severe health hazards posed by the crackers for the residents in Jaipur, the government has ordered a ban on firecrackers. It can severely affect the health of vulnerable and elderly people. We all know that Diwali and firecrackers are synonymous. But, why let the celebrations flicker due to the pandemic and why reel over the covid pandemic and dampen your festive spirit. We should enjoy the festival of Diwali with full fervour and excitement. There are many interesting ways to celebrate Diwali without crackers

The traditional system of celebration includes burning candles, performing ritual ceremonies, illuminating the house, and organizing a small get-together in the evening. Sadly, in recent years, the trend of celebration has switched over to modern ways and forms. The electric illumination has taken over the candles and unhealthy firecrackers have become a necessity. Let’s get back to the traditional ways to boost our festive celebrations and create nostalgia.

Here are some best ways to celebrate Diwali without crackers in your home and society.

Crackers free Diwali

This year, celebrate a no cracker Diwali and take a step towards better health and a better future. Instead, you can use glitter or colourful papers and fill up balloons. Spend a joyful evening blowing and bursting them with your friends and family! This will be a good way to add sparkle and music to the festive occasion and bring in a fun-filled Diwali. Dress up nicely, worship to the lord, illuminate your house, meet dear ones, that’s all Diwali is about. 

Use Traditional Diyas

diwali home decoration ideas
Painted Diyas

Go local by using the good old oil diyas that are reusable and cost-effective. You can also make creative DIY ideas using some innovative lighting alternatives by using orange peels, and coconut shells as DIY diyas. Traditional diyas which not only save electrical energy but also add to the beauty of your house. The glow created by lighting up lo of diyas together is simply unmatchable.

Give Thoughtful Gifts

best diwali gift ideas

Use the money saved from crackers to buy some hand-made gifts or custom gifts for your near and dear ones. Gifts are a great way to make people happy and make yourself happier. So, let’s spread happiness with gifting sweet boxes and other Diwali gift ideas for loved ones. Avoid shiny plastic wraps and stick to simple paper wraps to support the environment even more.

Decorate Your Homes 

diwali home decoration ideas
Flower Decoration In Diwali

Celebrate a cracker free Diwali by investing your time into decorating your homes beautifully. Use natural colours for rangoli and let the creativity flow. make attractive rangolis with different patterns and designs. You can also add flowers or Diyas on them for a sense of auspiciousness. Also, use recyclable decor items making use of the things which we throw away as waste. 

Organise House Parties 

diwali home party
Source : TOI

Organise a house party, preparing Diwali feasts at home and invite your closed ones. Cook delicious meals opting for healthy foods and beverages. Spending time with your dear ones undoubtedly brings happiness and fulfilment in your life. Enjoy with your friends and family with Dance, music, food, games and antakshari.

Avoid Plastic use

During the Diwali celebration, one thing that gets everyone excited about is Diwali shopping! Shopping and plastic bags go hand in hand. Say a big ‘No’ to plastic polythenes or shopping bags. Instead, use jute or cloth bags when going out for shopping. Also, say no to disposable plastic stuff and go for biodegradable plates, glasses etc. 

Shop Local

Ditch online and high-end shopping and opt for local handmade products. Be it the dresses for Diwali, ideas for lighting, or be it gifting items, and decorative stuff, prefer products made by local artisans. You can also use Jaipur handicrafts or Jaipur Jewellery curated by locals as gifting items. 

Celebrating Diwali without crackers in a natural way is of great significance as it adds years to your life and life to your years. The festival is not just about you and your family’s wealth and prosperity, but also for the safety and health of the society and environment at large. Contribute your share this Diwali expressing your joy and passion with regards to the festive season. Wouldn’t that be the most delightful gift for each and everyone this Diwali?

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