Drone show in Jaipur

Drone show in Jaipur today evening at 5 pm

Drone show for the first time in Jaipur today at 5 pm, Experts will gather in Jaipur for 2 days. More than 300 drones will fly in the drone show.


A drone show will be held today for the first time in Jaipur. This show is organized by the Rajasthan Police and will be held at Rajasthan Police Academy from 5 pm. More than 300 drones will be flown in this show. Public entry for the drone show will be free. Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma will be the chief guest in the program.

During the drone show, experts will showcase their technical skills by introducing drones equipped with various technologies. Through this, people will be given a message to avoid cyber crime.

After this, Cyber ​​Hackathon 1.0 will be organized on 17th and 18th January at Rajasthan International Centre. During the cyber hackathon, threat assessment of cyber attacks, improvement in cyber security situation, policies, new technology and continuous improvement will be discussed. The cyber security experts will brainstorm on 12 future challenges and try to find solutions. 

These 12 challenges will be discussed in the hackathon

  1. Developing a feedback system for police, 
  2. Training them in AI and AR, 
  3. Enabling them to take decisions on their own using AI in cameras, 
  4. Registering FIRs using AI and machine programming to identify correct acts and sections, 
  5. Detecting and blocking fake websites, 
  6. Identifying advertising and customer care numbers, 
  7. Developing a system for geo- tagging privately owned cameras, 
  8. Creating software to analyze financial fraud data, 
  9. Tracking criminals using deep fake technology, 1930 helpline. Topics include developing anti-drone systems, monitoring data on the dark web and researching cryptocurrency money, etc. 
  10. Expanding the 1930 helpline 
  11. Developing anti-drone system, 
  12. Monitoring of data on the dark web and research of cryptocurrency money

300 teams are taking part

1665 participants from various educational institutions, industries, research labs and startups have registered in the Cyber ​​Hackathon. Around 300 teams will be taking part in the two-day long hackathon. These teams will work for 36 hours to solve 12 cyber security-related problems in 17 sessions. 

The winning teams will get a reward of Rs 20 lakh

A total of cash prizes and citations worth Rs 20 lakh will be awarded to the winners of the hackathon in various categories. In the final phase of the hackathon, the three best teams will be given a chance to present their solutions. Each team will be given a reward according to the event. The solutions of these teams will be evaluated by an expert committee. A total of cash prizes and citations worth Rs 20 lakh will be awarded to the winners of the hackathon in various categories. Besides, all the teams will also be included in the internship program with Rajasthan Police.

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