Diwali 2023 decoration in jaipur market

Diwali 2023: Markets in Jaipur decorated to celebrate Diwali

Markets decorated for Diwali celebration, Rajasthani folk colors will be spread for the first time, Chandrayaan flight from Tripolia


The markets are decorated for Diwali. This time a competition is being seen in the markets of the capital regarding mass decoration. Lights are being displayed in many markets from Wednesday. This time people will get to see lights on MI Road for 8 days. Along with this, the flavor of Rajasthani folk color will also be spread in the market. There will be lights in many markets from November 9. Chandrayaan will be seen flying in Tripolia market, which will be the center of attraction among the people.

Lights decoration at MI Road for a week

This time there will be lights on MI Road from Wednesday to Wednesday, which means the market will be lit for the entire eight days. About 3 kilometers of lighting has been set up on MI Road. The light display will be started on Wednesday. This time there will be lights in the market from 12.30 am to 1 am. People will see light flowing on Panch Batti Chouraha. 

For the first time, Rajasthani folk artists will perform on Panch Batti. People coming to see the mass decoration of Diwali will get a glimpse of Rajasthani folk dances along with Kachhi Ghodi dance, folk dance. Rajasthani folk music will be organized during Diwali decoration from 6 pm to 8 pm

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Chandrayaan will be the center of attraction 

This time Chandrayaan will be seen at Tripolia Gate during Diwali decoration in Tripolia market. A 12 feet Chandrayaan at Tripolia Gate will be the center of attraction among the people. The lantern will be seen flying from the earth. This time, the Diwali lights will be on in the market from November 10 to November 14. 

Johri Bazaar: Light from today, illuminated with lamps 

The exhibit of mass Diwali decoration in Johri Bazaar will take place today. Before this, testing of the light was done yesterday evening. The market will be illuminated with lights from November 8 to November 13. This time there will be light in the market for 6 days. The market will be seen shining with lights like lamps. 

Chandpole Bazar: Darshan of Lord Shiva riding on Nandi 

This time the churning of the ocean will be seen on Chhoti Chaupar in collective decoration in Chandpole market of the city. Lord Shiva will be seen riding on Nandi in the market, which will be the center of attraction among the people. The lights will be switched on in the market on 10th November and the lights will remain in the market till 13th November. There will be darshan of Gods and Goddesses at various places in the market. For this, more than 15 tableaus are being decorated at various places in the market. 

When will lights be on in which market? 

Johari Bazaar – 8 to 13 November 

MI Road – 8 to 15 November 

Choudha Rasta – 10th to 15th November 

Chandpole Market – 10 to 13 November 

Tripolia Market – 10 to 14 November

The outer markets are also ready to welcome 

The outer markets of the walled city are also decorated for Diwali. Attractive lighting has been done in the markets. This time, mass decoration of Diwali is taking place in the markets of Raja Park, Jhotwara, Vaishali Nagar, Mansarovar and Malviya Nagar. Apart from this, the shopping malls and complexes of the city have also started shining with lights.

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