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Celebrate the upcoming new year partying hard in the Pink City!


Jaipur, titled as the pink city is a largely famous tourist destination. With the arrival of entrancing winter vacations, arrives the pleasant climate of Jaipur when tourists enjoy with friends and family while anxiously waiting to welcome the New Year. Come to Jaipur to celebrate the new year in true spirit as Jaipurites celebrates it with much enthusiasm. Irrelevant of caste, creed, religion, and region people in Jaipur celebrate New Year in the grandest manner. No matter if you are a party person, a peace lover, whatever you are after, Jaipur has something to suit every taste. This city does not stop you from celebrating as there are plenty of other activities to do.

With the New Year around the corner, all of us must be wondering about how we can make our forthcoming days all the more happier and blissful. Despite the chilly mornings and cool winds breezing through, every heart holds the warmth of mirth and enthusiasm in it. Making New Year plans consume most of our days prior to the occasion. So here are some creative and interesting ways to make your new year a memorable one.


If you love partying then you can plan your eve in a disc or a pub. Jaipur has plenty to offer party-goers, from big parties in hotels to smaller venues with exotic food and hip culture. The town has innumerable options and a range of different types of venues like in house parties, shows, concerts, chillout pubs and lounges, intimate cafes with live music, rocking night clubs with DJs from all around the world and stunning rooftop bars that makes Jaipur an ideal city to count down to the new year. Get all set to celebrate the New Year with a rocking crowd and getting engrossed in partying until the clock struck twelve and the New Year comes to your door! Pre-book your tickets and accommodation as the bookings, discounts and party schemes are all over the sites.


 If you are looking for a great night out, but not in the hustle-bustle of the city you could head just to one of the national highways or to the Nahargarh fort in Jaipur for a long drive. A long drive under the starry night and with some cool cafes and food joints to hangout will make the most of the fun. Most people spend time waiting for the last second of the previous year to pass by lighting up the fireworks. There are many places in Jaipur where fireworks are set off along the stretch of the city, which entertains to help you ring in the New Year.


 In the fast pacing life and busy schedules, we lose out some soulful moments. Take out some family time, sit at your place and enjoy. You can also organize small get together for close family members and friends, lit up a small bonfire, put on your favorite tracks and cook a hearty meal. Make this New Year eve special and memorable and cherish some precious moments out of the everyday routine. This is a unique way to celebrate with your closest ones.


With your strong social bonds, finds this occasion as a day to celebrate with your friends and family. Catch up with your old friends, plan an outing at a resort away from the city. If you are an adventure freak an amazing trek experience by climbing mountains together with your friends will be a great idea. Camping at Sambhar Lake is another perfect choice to enjoy with a group of friends. Make sure you pack all the essentials with you as there isn’t any facility around. Let it be the year of bonding back and create a friendship that doesn’t sink.


New Year is not just about dance parties and nightclubs but it is also celebrated religiously and with positive resolutions. New Year is generally looked upon as the best time to begin something and whenever we start something new, visiting a religious place to seek blessings is a must.  It is also believed that the coming New Year will be the same as we spend the first day of the year. So, welcoming the New Year on a religious note is considered auspicious by many. What is a better way to usher in 2020 than by visiting one of the religious temples in Jaipur? So start your new year by going to the Jaipur temples, donating clothes & foods to needy and praying to God.

With these great ideas to celebrate the new year, get ready to let go of the year that is over and to welcome the one that is about to begin with new expectations and desires.

Also, this new year, pamper and love yourself. Surround yourself with things that remind you how much you love and appreciate who you are as appreciation draw positive people and circumstances to you. Make a commitment to yourself to be a more peaceful and loving person. Be friendly, loving, open, and compassionate with the people in your life, even if it may seem very hard at times. Choose peace over conflict, and love over resentment. Then watch the little miracles and great joy this brings you throughout the year.

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