unlock 4 guidelines

Unlock 4: Religious places will open for public from September 7


The government is moving towards Unlock 4 from the month of September. After months of closure amid, coronavirus-induced lockdown, all religious places in Rajasthan will be reopened to the public from 7 September. State Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot took this decision at a review meeting of the Corona Transition.

Collectors and SPs of every district will visit all the big religious places to monitor them to check the arrangements, ensure proper security regulations and maintenance of social distancing appropriately.

It will also be the responsibility of the Collector and SP of that district to make sure that all the rules are being followed by the people while visiting big religious places. All religious places will be sanitized from time to time and it will be necessary for the devotees to put on masks and cater for social distancing.

The state government has issued a few guidelines which should be followed while visiting any religious site. It will be mandatory to take protective measures such as social distancing and wearing a mask for those who are visiting any religious sites.

As per the guidelines issued by the central government, it’s restricted to carry offerings, flowers, other material for worship and ringing bells. Also, instructions were given to prevent flocking and congestion at sweet shops, street vendors, etc.

At the meeting, the Chief Minister said that the cases have usually been seen to increase wherever the crowd gathers. For this, a committee is constituted for the operation of religious places. The committee along with district administration and religious priests have to make sure whether health protocols are followed properly. There should not be a crowd of visitors.

He appealed to the general public that in view of the Coronavirus, as far as possible worship, worship, prayers and namaz should be done at home so that the religious sites do not get crowded.

On receiving the complaints of COVID patients on overcharging and huge bills by private hospitals, Gehlot instructed the medical and health department to monitor the situation and ensure that hospitals do not refuse treatment to COVID patients.

He also said that, if there is a case of the death of a COVID patient, the private hospital should not torture the families who are unable to pay the bills and should directly inform the CMHO.

He also instructed to make sufficient arrangements for treating COVID patients and to increase ICU beds, high flow oxygen beds for seriously ill patients in medical colleges. Only serious patients will be sent to tertiary care centres.

There was also a discussion on the opening of schools and colleges. However, the government has not yet given an order on this. On Wednesday, 295 new cases were found in Jaipur.