School reopening extended

Rajasthan government rejected the proposal to open schools

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Schools will not open in Rajasthan for junior students. The state government rejected the proposal by the education department to open the schools in fear of the third wave. The education department wants the schools to be unlocked.

Although the state government’s new guidelines have been issued to open multiplexes and cinema halls, no decision could be taken even after the consent of the education department.

The government is apprehensive about children being affected in the third wave and does not want to take any risk. However, this time there will be activeness regarding the exam so that the students do not have to be promoted like the last two years.

Recently, the Education Department has presented a proposal before the cabinet meeting to open schools from IX to XII from July 15. It is said that the Home Department rejected this proposal because the children were not yet vaccinated. If the third wave affects children, the blame may fall on the government. Hence, for children’s security, it is their responsibility to keep the schools closed for now. 

In the proposals given by the Education Department, it was cited that schools can be opened with senior students. The schools for Junior students may open in August but primary school is not going to open even in August.

As per the departmental sources, the schools from 1st to 5th are not going to open soon. The third wave is expected to arrive in August, so the department will not take any risk on small children till August. It is also possible that only after vaccination, junior children are permitted to go to school. 

The question was raised regarding the children openly going out to tourist places and out in the market with their parents already. To this, the government replied that children remain under the control of their parents when they move elsewhere. where the risk of infection is low while in schools children gather together and play together, share tiffins which increases fear of infection in them.

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