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Post Covid Care: 10 things you must follow after recovery

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The second wave of Covid 19 has brought a threat to the entire country. Everything seems to be devastating from the last two months. However, despite a massive surge, there has been an excellent recovery rate. But even after recovery, many covid patients have complaints about weaknesses. Most people who contract viral infection recover in a long time to get back to their old lifestyle. Little do they know that even though the virus is no longer in your body, you need to be cautious. It is important to follow post covid care till the next few days.

Why post-COVID care is essential? 

The brutal virus has the ability to do a lot of damage to your body. Battling with this dangerous virus for so many days makes your body weak, lethargic and drained. As the body becomes weak, neglecting the post covid care may trigger a lot of health conditions and let their symptoms surface. So, whether you have been through a mild infection or severe one, you need to be alert. It takes about a month to fully recover from the coronavirus. 

Ignoring your aftercare may crop up several long-term issues including neurological conditions and mental health ailments. Therefore, it is very important to take precautions and take care of the food and lifestyle even after recovering from the coronavirus. Providing your body with love and care will ensure that you are completely healed. 

Here’s a guide to post covid care coupled with some essential things to do after recovering from COVID-19.


Rest is of utmost important

Your body will naturally get tired fighting with this virus and your sleep must have taken a hit. So, to regain your good health, it is important to sleep peacefully without any disturbance. Get enough sleep and maintain a proper sleep routine because when you sleep, your body speeds up the recovery process. A well-rested body can focus on healing and create antibodies. If possible be at rest mode for at least a week after recovery. 

Healthy eating is a must

A healthy diet is one of the surest ways to recover and even more important if you are fighting coronavirus. Coronavirus robs the nutrients from the body. Healthy eating with lots of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres and antioxidants will help you regain the nutrients your body has lost. Even though you have lost your taste and smell, eat home-cooked, fresh and nurturing balanced food. Also, make sure your diet includes plenty of proteins. It will take care of your mental and physical health. 

Eat high protein food like lentils, nuts, green vegetables, parathas, sprouts, salads and eggs to regulate hormonal functions and increase antibodies in the body. Apart from this, try to eat 5-6 servings of fruits and veggies daily. Also, stay well hydrated, drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Eat small portions for easy digestion at intervals of a few hours. Avoid eating junk and food high in sugar, fat and salt food. 

Make sure you exercise

Working out sounds unpleasant and can be difficult, especially after you have woken up from illness. But exercising is essential for a speedy recovery and will gradually make you stronger. Coronavirus attacks your stamina, so exercising regularly will not only increase your stamina but will also keep the blood flow correct. It can boost the production of happiness hormones in your brain which will lift your mood. Start with slow walks, breathing exercise, meditation, yoga. Do your favourite kinds of exercise at least for half an hour. Breathing exercise is known to improve oxygen levels which is much needed during these times. 

Work on your brain health 

Covid is known to damage brain and neural cells. Even after you recover you may go through memory and concentration issues. In order to gradually get back your memory and concentration levels on track, invest some time daily in playing puzzles, memory games and exercises to prevent future memory problems. Try playing some memory games like sudoku, crossword, jigsaw, etc. This will also help you pass your time without getting bored and irritated.

Keep the oxygen level in check

Coronavirus has created havoc attacking directly on our lungs. This leaves a bad effect on our respiratory system and pulls the oxygen levels down. Even after you recover, there could be a lung issue you might not be aware of. Make sure you continue to monitor your blood oxygen saturation level with your oximeter. This is because it is hard to detect the dropping oxygen level in the initial stage. Your oxygen level should be above 95, if it drops below 90, you should immediately contact a doctor. Therefore, keeping a check will help you take action timely. 


Focus on warning signs and symptoms

Not only lung health, but Covid also has the ability to affect your heart health as well. So you have to be alert to avoid any long-term consequences. Whether it is a nagging headache, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, warm flushes, if you begin to experience any slight change, consult a doctor right away. These minor issues may be the warning signs and need immediately to make sure your body doesn’t catch up with any severe symptoms. So keep an eye on every alarming sign and symptoms and do not ignore them so that any such issues don’t crop up, post-recovery.

Stay in touch with the doctor

Coronavirus makes our body very weak and fragile that refrains us from getting back to our old routine. Apart from the nutritional deficiency and weakness due to fighting covid, your body easily gets exposed to other minor diseases. Due to this, many times people who have recovered from corona also have to face serious problems. In such a situation, be in constant contact with your doctor and keep updating them to keep risks at bay. Doctors will give you immediate advice if there is any problem of any kind that needs concern.

Take things slow

You can’t snap back to your prior life as soon as you test negative. Remember, you have just struggled with a ravaging infection and your body has tired after so much battling. Give yourself some time to heal as you won’t get back to your old self instantly but slowly with a lot of patience, self-love and self-care. You may go through memory and concentration issues and remembering and doing everything can be difficult. 

Do not get irritated if you are not able to do things as you did earlier. Uneasiness, laziness and forgetfulness after recovering from this virus are common and may become a part of your routine, just don’t get discouraged. Instead, it is best to take things back in control slowly and steadily by adding reminders, alarms and prompts about the important activities which you should be doing. 

Do not overexert

Do not resume your old lifestyle right away. Getting back to the hectic routine and too much work will build up stress and anxiety eventually making you ill. Let your body conserve energy by taking one day at a time, rather than just diving straight in. It is essential to prioritise the most important tasks and leave everything else. Save your energy as much as possible and postpone nonessential tasks for a later date. Whether it is any house chore or outdoor work, you must be aware of the fact that your body needs ample time to battle the suffering and recover. So, stay away from exertion during the recovery phase and adjust your expectations with yourself accordingly. 

Carelessness can be costly

Most of the people recovering from corona are not concerned about the aftercare of their health. Due to negligence, despite being cured of the corona, people have had to face many health problems and can become infected with this disease again. They should take special care of wearing face masks and social distancing. Contracting Covid may have given your body a certain degree of immunity from the disease, but it is most likely temporary. Therefore, don’t be careless, strictly adhere to the covid protocols and continue wearing face masks in public places and practise social distancing.

Post-COVID care is important and should not be ignored. The above-mentioned post-Covid care will ensure if any extra healthcare checks are required. This is crucial because if you face any complications you will be able to connect with your doctor at the right time without any delay. Believe us you will soon get out of this phase, deal with the stress in a better way.

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