Jal Mahal Jaipur: Know All About The Palace That Floats

The most serene palace Jal Mahal is located on the main Amer-Jaipur road. The water palace is located in the splendid Man-Sarovar lake.

Jaipur marks wonderful architectural elegance and Jal Mahal stands at the forefront of these works of art. This serene palace nestles amidst one of the biggest artificial lakes in Jaipur. Standing amidst the center of Man Sagar Lake, the palace, when you first look at it, will give you the illusion of almost floating atop […]

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central park jaipur

Central Park Jaipur – an oasis of greenery amid a bustling city

Looking for a place to unwind from the stress in natural and colourful surroundings? Visit Central Park in Jaipur to find solitude in the heart of the city.

Jaipur brims with wonderful monuments and sights either historical or newly formed. One such beautiful place is Central Park, the most captivating and prime park in the pink city with a very modern methodology. It lies in the core of the town and is amongst the main hangout places for all ages alike. Central Park […]

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Top 10 gardens in Jaipur to experience the serenity of nature

No more missing the calming views and budding blooms in a big buzzling city like Jaipur. Visit these public gardens in Jaipur that are floral masterpieces!

Jaipur is one of the most demanded and visited tourist destinations that are acclaimed for its beauty across the globe. Not only the forts, palaces, exquisite architectural gems, and historical significance lift up the royal allure of Jaipur but the charm of this pink-hued city is doubled with a bunch of equally beautiful natural beauty. […]

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Chand Baori – A fascinating story of Abhaneri Stepwell

Chand Baori is the most beautiful and illustrative stepwell in India. This piece is weaved to provide you complete information of this historical Baori.

Chand Baori in Abhaneri is a must-see place and tourist attraction of Rajasthan. Built in the 8th century, Chand Baori is one of the oldest step wells (baori) of Rajasthan. Rajasthan being a dry desert state, construction of stepwells is common here. This artistically marvel stepwell is still functional and well-preserved. Many tourists come here […]

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Nahargarh Fort – a reminder of turbulent tale of Jaipur’s past

Many people like to visit Jaipur just to primarily see its three famous royal forts. The richness of its heritage can be clearly seen in its palaces and forts. Of the three forts, the Nahargarh Fort is a magnificent structure that stands as a silent reminder of the resilience of its inhabitants. Nahargarh Fort is […]

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Jaipur to Jaisalmer

Jaipur to Jaisalmer: A trip from Pink city to desert city

Want to experience the real desert of the desert state? Plan a trip from Jaipur to Jaisalmer. Here's a quick guide.

Jaipur has always been the first choice when it comes to visiting Rajasthan. It has fame all over the world for its architectural beauty of historical forts, palaces, monuments and natural beauty of gardens, lakes, wildlife and what not! But when visiting the city, most tourists picture Jaipur, the capital of the desert state as […]

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Stepwells in Jaipur: An insight into the ancient structures rooted in time

Learn the stories of the time-honoured stepwells of Jaipur that have very well preserved the heritage of the bygone era in its every nook and corner.

Stepwells or Baoris speak of the rich lineage that prevails in our country but are still very obscure. A few of them are popular throughout India for their architectural form while others have been a thing of past, having their identity buried into the history. These spectacular water edifices have been thriving in the semi-arid […]

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Sheesh Mahal Jaipur

Sheesh Mahal Jaipur: Know everything about the Glass Palace

Jaipur’s Sheesh Mahal is an exemplary reflection of the rich culture and heritage of an era gone by. This creation has shown the world that mirrors are not just for staring at your image or reflection having their place limited to bathrooms or powder rooms but for enhancing the decor of the halls, entrances or […]

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10 All-time favourite Hangout places in Jaipur to chill out

Want to go out with your friends to a cool place to hangout? Check out these all-time favourite hangout places in Jaipur that promise memories.

Weekdays are hectic for most people in Jaipur. Everyone waits for the weekdays to get over and the weekend to begin. They look forward to enjoying, chilling, socializing or just hanging out with family or friends. When it comes to relaxing and chilling out, Jaipur is hard to beat. Jaipur may come across as a […]

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Jaipur zoo

Jaipur zoo: Zoological Park in Jaipur to relive the childhood nostalgia

Looking for a place where you can take your kids to explore wildlife? Visit Jaipur zoo, the best place to create and cherish childhood memories.

It’s amazing how we forget to explore some fun places in our local areas. Going to the zoo has always been a favourite activity for children and adults but has been forgotten nowadays. When it comes to family attractions that are packed with fun, activity and even some educational content, the nostalgia of going to […]

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