Fire flames engulf a chemical factory in Jaipur

Fire flames engulf a chemical factory in Jaipur


A major fire broke out at a chemical factory near Harmada area on Thursday morning. 16 fire tenders were used to control the fire.

The fire began at 4:30 in the morning may be due to an electric short circuit. The fire flames engulfed the whole building including the basement. The fire was controlled after several hours of effort.

According to the police officer, “We seized the area and 16 firefighters were put into the service. The power supply was also cut to control the blaze from growing further. The sounds of explosions were also heard. These explosions were due to the chemical drums inside the building.”

No casualties have been reported from the incident as it was the early morning and no one was present at the factory when the fire broke out.

The incidents of fire broke has been increased due to soaring temperatures which triggers old electric cables causing the short circuit.