Cold Juices

Best summer treats you get in Jaipur to cool off!


As the summer knocks, pool, sun, short dresses, ice creams, refreshing drinks are the things people look forward to. But the lure of summer is often trumped by excruciating heat which gobbles up the last of the energy left in us. Beating the heat becomes the priority on our agenda. And nothing kicks off the heat much better than a cool freezy treat!! Whether it’s for outdoor pool parties, the shopping spree, or some family fun, the hot weather will truly require some of the coolest drinks and items. Here are the best choices of summer treats in Jaipur for hydration, refreshment and to quench your desire to have some Thanda-Thanda Cool-Cool.


street foods in jaipur
This Kulhad Lassi serves both tastes sweet and sour to choose according to your mood.

Strolling on the streets of Jaipur you feel the heat is getting on your head, stop by the Lassiwala at M.I Road for a lush and creamy cup of lassi. The chilled lassi served here in earthen pots or Kulhad doubles the taste of this refreshing drink. The sweet and rich flavoured lassi is enough to charge you up in the warmest of days. No doubt it is everyone’s favourite summer treat in Jaipur. You get them in sweet, salty as well as sugar-free variants. The lassi they serve is quite thick and is very heavy for an individual.

Must try at – Lassiwala on M.I. Road (Address: 312, MI Rd, Jayanti Market, New Colony, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001)

Soda Lime Water

Soda Lime Water

Another refreshing drink that tops the list when summers strike is the flavoury, tangy and bubbly soda-lime water. Once you sip on this drink you won’t be able to resist gulping down the full glass. You will keep lingering on its mouth-watering, spicy-sour flavour for a long time. The tourists and residents get attracted towards the lime-water of Raja Park. You can also customize the flavours of the soda-lime water according to your taste. Don’t miss to try this soothing summer treat in Jaipur

Must try at – Raja Park opposite Milestone Parnami Misthan Bhandar

Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice

A glass of tempting sugarcane juice is all we need on a warm day. You get it at almost every corner of the city. It is not only delicious but damn nutritious and can kick away your dehydration in one go. These are available in variants with mint and chat masala added to them. You can also get it plain with crushed ice. There are several streets where you will find small kiosks selling this summer treat in Jaipur. 

Must try at – Go to Raja Park, Moti Doongri road or Indira Bazar, you will definitely spot one. 

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Cold Juices

Cold Juices

This has to be everyone’s favourite! Though fruits are every tongue’s delight, when you get it as a cooler with some ice cubes crushed or dipped in it, It is simply heaven especially in scorching heat in summers. Juice definitely keeps our thirst quenched, body hydrated and soul satiated. Apart from the local stalls, you get an amazing variety of fruit juices at cool beverages shops in Jaipur. Do try your favourite summer treat in Jaipur to keep you cool these summers. 

Must try at – The Juice shop in C scheme, Fruitville in Vidhyadhar Nagar, Liquido in Vaishali Nagar.

Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee

This cool delight is every coffee lover’s first choice as a summer treat in Jaipur. When it comes to having the best cold coffee in Jaipur, Statue Circle is the only name on every Jaipurite’s mind. It has the most famous 60-year-old stall serving cold coffee. The place makes your experience delightful with its serene surroundings. Go for a walk in the evenings and have a sip of the finest cold coffee. Another great place to try cold coffee is at GVD in Malviya Nagar which also sells delicious patties to munch on with a cup of chocolate cold coffee. 

Must try at – GVD, Malviya Nagar or at Statue Circle



Chaach or buttermilk is a natural thirst-quenching drink and summer heat buster. It is served with food in every Rajasthani household. This curd-based drink with a dash of roasted cumin powder and salt tastes soul calming in the excruciating heat of summers. A glass of Chaach will keep you hydrated and refreshed as it is packed with electrolytes. People like to add tadka of jeera, pudina, and salt to enhance its flavour.

Must try at – You can get them at various breakfast kiosks or at Saras Dairy in Jaipur

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Shrikhand is one of the famous summer treats in Jaipur. When in Jaipur you should miss trying this speciality. The rich and creamy shrikhand is served in kulhad and topped with saffron cardamom and dry fruits will make you go crazy over its deliciousness. The dish is served chilled along with the seasonal nuts as dressings. The sweetness of this drooling summer treat will surely remind you of the rich cuisine of Rajasthan. 

Must try at – Falahaar in Saraogi Mansion

Kulfi Faluda


Mere the name of Kulfi falooda brings a smile to every face. Kulfi falooda is synonymous with summers. It is everyone’s favourite children and adults alike. When it’s about Pandit kulfi in Jaipur the childhood memories comes flashing back with its yummy taste. The delicious Kulfi, when combined with amazing yellow Falooda noodles, this frozen dessert makes the perfect summer treats in Jaipur that every Jaipurite longs for.

Must try at – Pandit Kulfi on Link Road, Bapu Bazaar


ice cream

Who wouldn’t scream with excitement with the name of ice cream? And when it’s the ice cream from Jal mahal ice cream parlour, everyone is in for it. They sell a variety of exotic flavours of ice creams that attracts the majority of tourists. You won’t find the flavours you get here anywhere else in the city. 

The most famous ice cream flavours are red velvet, fruity flavour and chocolate flavours.

Must try at – Jal Mahal Ice Cream Parlour on M.I. Road

Milk Shakes 


Smoothies and milkshakes prepared with fruits and yoghurt give you an instant boost with energy and nutrients. There are many cafes serving a variety of unique milkshakes that you would fall in love with. These are the best summer treats in Jaipur to refresh and enjoy. You get fruit milkshakes, chocolate milkshakes, biscuit milkshakes, fusion milkshakes, and even some you have never heard of!

Must try at – Nibs Cafe, Cafe Lazy Mojo, Brown Sugar cafe, The Eclectica. 

Don’t dread the coming heat, instead, look forward to trying your favourite summer drink. All of these places also offer some drooling dishes you can find in Jaipur. But we have kept our list confined to the cold beverages, to help you select the best option near you.

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