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Best Budget hotels in Jaipur for every class

Jaipur apart from offering innumerable historical monuments, palaces and forts patronize several arts too. This city also houses a museum containing rare manuscripts, paintings, an armory, the observatory with a sundial which is 90 ft high, etc. Jaipur gets plenty of visitors, every year. Jaipur’s street bazaars sell embroidered leather shoes, blue pottery, tie & […]

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Top 30 things Jaipur is famous for

Top things Jaipur is famous for

A city full of life, Jaipur houses assortments of surprises and attractions. The wealthy heritage and legacy of the city, combined with its imperial bygone past, lures countless national as well as international tourists every year. If you are a history buff, shopaholic or a photographer, Jaipur will amaze you with its stunning palaces, forts […]

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