Top things to add in your Jaipur Monsoon Bucket List


Soak in the nature at Jai Mahal

Witness the majestic Jai Mahal, or "Water Palace," come alive amidst the monsoon. The surrounding Man Sagar Lake shimmers, reflecting the pink sandstone and creating a picture-perfect scene.

Enjoy Falooda at Bapu Bazaar

After exploring the historical lanes of Bapu Bazaar, cool down with a refreshing Falooda. This chilled, layered dessert with vermicelli, ice cream, and rosewater is the perfect monsoon treat.

Sip Tea at Gulab Ji Chai

Seek refuge from the rain at the iconic Gulab Ji Chai. Established in 1936, this traditional teahouse offers steaming cups of masala chai, perfect for warming you up on a rainy day.

Savor Crispy Pakoras at Saras Parlour

There's nothing quite like crispy pakoras on a rainy day. Head to Saras Parlour,a local favorite, for their signature onion and vegetable fritters dipped in flavorful chutneys.

Enjoy Bhutta in the Old city

As you stroll through the lanes of the Old City, don't miss the chance to savor piping hot Bhutta roasted over charcoal. The smoky aroma and crunchy texture are a pleasant monsoon experience.

Read books & enjoy South Indian at The Library Cafe

Indulge in a literary escape at The Library Cafe. Curl up with a book amidst the rain while savoring delicious South Indian filter coffee and fluffy idlis.

Relish Samosas at Samraat

No monsoon in Jaipur is complete without relishing the iconic samosas at Samraat. These crispy delights filled with spicy goodness, ensure a satisfying and flavorful experience.