Is the ‘Right to Health’ bill beneficial for you? Check out now!


Free emergency treatment


Patients can avail emergency treatment without any prepayment from any hospital that comes under the RTH bill.  If the person is unable to pay the money after treatment, then the government will pay on his behalf.

Save You From Unnecessary Charges


Unnecessary money charged in private hospitals will be curbed. Patients will have the right to collect the bill and know the expenses of all types of treatment and facilities.

Right to Appeal and Complain


If a person is not satisfied with the treatment, he will have the right to appeal. On checking this, a penalty will be imposed on the center found guilty. The procedure for appeal and the mode of complaint have been simplified.

Understanding The Disease and Treatment 


The patient will have the right to know all kinds of information related to his illness and his treatment from the hospital and the doctor. He can ask whatever information he wants from the doctor.

Free OPD, IPD, and Emergency Care


Patients covered under the RTH bill are entitled to free Outpatient Department (OPD), Inpatient Department (IPD), and emergency care services.

Free For Second Opinion


Patients have the right to access all their medical records, investigation reports, and treatment bills if they wish to seek a second opinion from another hospital or healthcare provider.

Transparency in Doctors' Qualifications


Patients have the right to know the name, professional status, and job chart of their doctors or healthcare providers.

Responsibility for Referral Expenses


If a patient is referred from one hospital to another, the cost and responsibility for treatment will lie with the hospital providing the referral.