Finding the Best Time to Visit Rajasthan


Nov to Mar - Feel the winter magic

Rajasthan comes alive during the winter months as the weather is pleasant, making it ideal to explore the state without the scorching summer heat.

Oct to Nov - Enjoy the Festive Vibes

Enthrall yourself in the vibrant cultural festivities during the autumn months. The Diwali celebration here with illuminated palaces and forts creates a surreal experience for visitors.

Nov to Feb - Go on a Camel Safari excursion

For an authentic Rajasthani adventure, plan your visit during the winter months, the perfect time for a desert expedition. Go on a camel safari through the golden sands of the Thar Desert.

Oct to Mar - Participate in popular fairs

It is the best time to enjoy the exuberant Mewar Festival, Elephant Fair, Pushkar Fair, Kite Festival, and Desert Festival when the cities turn joyous.

July to Sept - Witness beauty of dry state in monsoon

While Rajasthan is primarily a dry state, the monsoon brings magic, turning the landscapes green, and making it breathtaking to explore the monuments and the romantic lakes.

April to June- Spend budget friendly holidays in summers

For those who can withstand the heat, summer offers a quieter and more affordable experience to explore the forts and palaces with fewer crowds, and know the vibrant culture up close.