Worthy Waterfalls in Rahjastan you can visit during Monsoonn


Damoh Waterfall

Not just a sight to behold, this waterfall situated 4-5 hours away, offers an opportunity for adventure seekers to experience the thrill of rappelling down the cascading waters.

Located in the charming village of Abhaneri, around 95 km from Jaipur, this waterfall is a hidden gem, creating a serene atmosphere, and the picturesque surroundings. 

Alewa Dham Waterfall

Around 2-3 hours away from Jaipur, Garwaji Waterfall is a lesser-known but enchanting spot. Surrounded by greenery and rugged terrain, offering tranquil environment to unwind. 

Garwaji Waterfall

Nestled amidst Bundi and Chittor, Bhimlat waterfall showcases lush greenery and the surrounding arid land with crystal-clear waters cascade down from the rocks. 

Bhimlat Waterfall

Gaipranath near Kota is a great destination known for mesmerizing beauty surrounded by winged creatures and little waterfalls falling like an eternal beauty. 

Gaipernath Waterfall

Situated near Mount Abu, this waterfall is a delightful sight admist the jungle and a few hills. The water plunges from a height, creating a breathtaking scene.

Dhrudhiya Waterfall

This gigantic waterfall near Chittorgarh is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Rajasthan where water from menal river tumbles down at 150m height. 

Menal Falls

Located close to the Rana Pratap Sagar dam in Kota, Chuliya or Chudiya Falls is a lovely waterfall having rocks in a circular shape resembling dozens of bangles.

Chuliya Waterfalls