Meet the Royal Family of Jaipur Ruling Hearts Across the Globe


Among the Top 7

The Royal Family of Jaipur is among the top 7 royal families of India famous worldwide having gained the celebrity status and still lead extravagant lives in spectacular grandeur.

Descendants of the Sun God

The Jaipur royal family claims to be descendants of the Hindu sun god, Surya, and belongs to the Kachwaha dynasty, one of India's oldest and revered dynasties.

Polo Passion

From Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II times till today, the passion for Polo has been passed in the royal family for generations making the Jaipur Polo Team renowned worldwide  

Net Worth

Although it is difficult to estimate the entire wealth of a royal family, their total net worth estimate is an astonishing $2.8 billion, owning palaces, hotels and luxury cars.

Maharani  Gayatri Devi

Maharani Gayatri Devi is considered as one of the most celebrated royals and a global fashion icon known for her education legacy, beauty, grace, and iconic style.

Maharaja Padmanab Sawai Singh

Maharaja Padmanab Sawai Singh, the current Maharaja and the 303rd descendant of the Jaipur royal family, was crowned at the age of 12. He is a national polo player and is recognized as India's youngest millionaire

Diya Kumari

Diya Kumari, the former princess of Jaipur and granddaughter of Maharaja Man Singh II, has been in the news for her claims that her family is descended from Lord Rama's son and that the Taj Mahal is part of their ancestral heritage