Fascinating Facts of Chand Baori Stepwell in Jaipur


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This Baori is made by Raja Chanda due to which it is named as Chand Baoli.

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Worldwide fame

Rajasthan has a total 112 baoris and Chand Baori is the largest step wells of them. It is one of the biggest in the world. Also, it is the deepest in India.

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Two rivers

This stepwell was made in the middle of two rivers Banganga River and Chaap River. Water of both the rivers as well as rain water stored in this Baori.

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Bewildering maze

It is the most attractive and unique Baori. This is a stepwell which is in square shape, otherwise all the baoris are in rectangular or circular form.

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Optical illusion

No person can use the same staircase twice. They have to climb up from the different steps of stairs from which they stepped down. No one has ever been able to step on the same stairs twice.

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Natural A.C.

It acts as a natural air conditioner as whenever a building is built under the floor, the temperature remains cold as the wind flows touching the water it gives cold breeze.

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Mathematical Marvel

"It is a feat of mathematical perfection from an ancient time. It has 3,500 steps built on 13 levels, and with the most amazing symmetry as they taper down to meet the water pool. "

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Haunted story 

The Baori was built in one night which is practically impossible. Hence, people believe that this miraculous task was given to a Genie giving it a supernatural twist. "

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A filming location

It has been a filming site for many movies such as Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Paheli, Best Exotic Hotel Marigold. The Fall and The Dark Knight Rises, where Batman was a prisoner trying to escape 'The Pit'."

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