5 Best Family Restaurants in Jaipur that Remind of Heeramandi’s Royal sets


The royal restaurants of Jaipur perfectly resemble the Heeramandi grandness. Their architecture and ambiance makes them the best family restaurants in Jaipur for an ideal dinner.

With high ceilings, gilded mirrors, florentine frescoes, and silk drapes, Suvarna Mahal echoes a rich aura like Heeramandi. Enjoy an evening with family relishing a gourmet meal.

Suvarna Mahal, Rambagh palace

Obsessed over the grandeur of Heeramandi? Rajput room will take you straight to the sets. This place perfectly captures their essence with its architecture, ambiance, and cuisine.

Rajput Room, Rambagh Palace

Frequented by celebrities and Jaipur royals, 1135 AD is an architectural marvel housed within a heritage Haveli. With big-lit chandeliers and a rich ambiance, it is a must-visit.

1135 AD, Amer Fort

The Bagh very well embodies the elegance and charm of the Heeramandi aesthetics and their handcrafted gourmet delicacies will give you a royal tale to remember.

Once upon a time at The Bagh

Amidst a warm ambiance having countless candles, walls with thousands of uncut glass pieces and no lights around, feel the heeramandi vibe, enjoying a royal dinner and live sitar play.

Mohan Mahal, the Leela Palace Jaipur