Ayurveda OR Allopathy

Ayurveda OR Allopathy: Which is a better approach during COVID -19?


The fear of COVID-19 disease through Corona Virus has turned everyone’s world almost upside down. It has now become a headache for all countries. Health has become a major concern now. When a person gets exposed to this virus, the situation arises where there are only two options left either you can face it with confidence or cow down in fear. You will have no way but to make one choice, to face it. With no medicine that can cure, often a thought ponders everyone’s mind, what treatment should we lay our trust on? Allopathic treatment or Ayurvedic remedies? Which is a better approach?

Well, let’s dig a little deeper before we reach a conclusion. Ayurveda and Allopathic are two of the most common forms of treatments. In this article, we will consider what each of these types of treatment is, and also what are the significant differences between them.

Allopathy treatment

Allopathy treatment

Allopathy is a western medicinal treatment which is the most preferred approach when it comes to treating an illness. Majority of the world uses this drug oriented methodology. It is basically a kind of treatment which is conservative rather than long-lasting. This medical practice treats a condition with a medication that is designed to kill the illness. For instance, when a person gets sick he/she gets temporary relief from the problem which can originate again. The treatment just concentrates on the symptoms of a disease and not on the causes of those symptoms.

We all will surely agree to the fact that Allopathic medicines are boons to us. From a minor stomach ache or headache in dealing with accidents and complications during pregnancy, allopathic medicines always help you get rid of your health issues. But another fact associated with allopathic medicines is the side effects you get when you consume them. Since these medicines are chemically based, you have to go through certain side effects. Even if you consume normal paracetamol medicine, you have certain effects, which are too minor to notice.

In Allopathy treatment though there is a treatment for every disease, there are side effects of the same and also a treatment for those side effects. So, we can say that allopathy offers an only partial cure, as the drugs are made to only cure the reaction and not the root cause. We can’t ignore the plus point of allopathic medicines that these are effective during an emergency. This is the fundamental reason why it is adopted by most of the people all around the world.

Ayurveda treatment

Ayurveda treatment

Ayurveda, also known as the science of natural healing because it derives its medicines purely from nature. It is the oldest medicinal system originated 5000 years ago. According to Ayurveda, body, mind and spirit are connected with each other. So it focuses on three primary areas of health:

  1. Healing illnesses,
  2. Preventing Disease and
  3. Promoting Rejuvenation 

Ayurveda addresses all the aspects be it the Yoga, meditation, diet, herbs, or be it surgery bodywork or clinical procedures like panchakarma. Ayurveda is a complete package having the capability to cure every possible ailment. The best thing about this treatment is that the health issue is extracted from its roots. Even though it takes a long time to heal you completely, it ensures that the problem does not come back into your body. Although you will not get instantaneous results with long time use, the results are definitely visible. Following up with Ayurveda remedies try to build the immune system and freshen up the mind providing you good results gradually. After some time it will be easy to notice that an individual starts eating good food and has a sound sleep which is a must for good health.

But, the time it takes to cure is also the only disadvantage it has. These usually produce the results over time which means that all the serious problems that need immediate relief cannot be treated. Although if a person is health-conscious, ayurvedic remedies provide a very safe route to prevent routine life diseases ranging from cold, cough to diabetes.

Another positive aspect of using ayurvedic remedies is it has no side effects. These are derived from nature itself for example plants, so there is no use of chemicals or synthetic stuff. As a result, these do not leave any negative impact on the body. It is very gentle yet very effective. All these techniques work very effectively and efficiently in pairs and are seconded by each other very well. A good example will be a combination of Ayurveda and yoga. Yoga would provide a tough body and healthy mind whereas Ayurveda will provide herbs to provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients required by the body. So their combinations go hand in hand.

Comparison of Allopathy and Ayurveda

Allopathy and Ayurveda


When the medicines are prepared with the traditional approach, there is no formal testing as the knowledge of the same is considered effective and handy as practised over the generations. However, modern means are restricted to the rigorous trails that are even conducted in different phrases for safety and efficacy.


Both the fields require a bachelor degree to be a practitioner. Ayurveda also needs specialization of 5.5 years. They have to learn everything from modern science, western medicines, to surgeries and Ayurveda. Ayurveda proves to be a complete package if someone practices them for a long time.


Allopathic medicines cost you higher than ayurvedic remedies. The high cost of modern medications does not fit to the pocket of every individual. On the other hand, ayurvedic remedies being cost-effective are more affordable.

Side effect

Western medicines offer lots of side effects and withdrawal effects as well. Allopathic ones involve a certain percentage of drugs to provide you with the reaction. As not everyone is immune enough to resist these drugs, it makes their conditions even worse. The drug percentage in such medicines is harming their body to the extreme. While Ayurvedic remedies are plant-based remedies obtained from mother nature they treat illness naturally without causing any side effects. These do not have any withdrawal effect too. Unlike modern medicines, these can be consumed for a longer period of time.


Where allopathic treatment provides instant relief, ayurvedic remedies take time to show the results. For instance, in case of an emergency, for example, a fatal accident, it is allopathic medicine which provides immediate relief. Fractures and related conditions are best treated through allopathic treatment. Here, one can not rely on Ayurveda. But in cases of allergies, neck pain, hormonal imbalances, eczema, depression etc ayurvedic remedies are the best solution.


Allopathy works on suppressing the existing symptoms to give you quick relief from the illness while Ayurveda treats the root cause hereby taking a longer duration. As a result, in allopathic treatments, the health issue may strike back. Hence, these are a temporary cure. Here, Ayurveda eliminates the root cause and gives you a permanent solution for your health issues.


The main difference between both the systems is the way in which treatment is approached. For example in allopathic treatment, the aim is to treat the condition and to prescribe things to help you get rid of it. In Ayurveda, although the aim is to also clear up a condition the focus is the root cause. Hence it is effective for the number of diseases, which the modern ones failed to treat.

In addition, if you are undergoing allopathic treatment, then it may be possible to use ayurvedic treatment alongside this so that you can get the maximum benefits for you and your condition.


As you can see from the above, the concepts of allopathic and Ayurveda are quite different. It does not mean that one is better than another just that the focus is different. It is worth mentioning that both of these covers a large number of different therapies and treatments but the results are based on which type of illness it is. If you are looking for treatment it is important to make an informed judgement on what health issue you are dealing with.  

Now, when it comes to treating Coronavirus, we have already told you how Ayurveda helps and how it builds your immunity to help you stay fit. Coronavirus is testing everyone’s survival potential. It needs your body to have that strength to fight the deadly virus. With Ayurveda, we can surely build a stronger body that can have enhanced resistance power. We no longer have to wait for a disease to attack, instead, we can opt Ayurveda as a precautionary measure to ensure a healthy body. Jaipur Ayurveda makes sure you get complete treatment for a healthy and fit body.