Best Gym in Jaipur

10 Best Gym in Jaipur for fitness freaks


The need of the hour for most people is to be in shape along with being physically fit and healthy. Well, dreaming of a beautiful and fit body isn’t a sin. So, whether it’s about getting into shape or losing weight, it is really important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and most importantly maintaining regular exercise. With fitness centers mushrooming all around, being in shape has become a lot easier these days. Gyms have become the only places that most people commonly seek out for staying fit. This growing concern has given rise to some of the best fitness centers in the city.

You might find it difficult at first to find the right gym since there are many gyms and fitness centers that are now open for the public to use upon paying a membership fee. If you haven’t decided yet on what gym to choose, then here we have collected the list of ultimate gym centers in Jaipur to stay fit.

Gold’s Gym

Golds Gym in Jaipur

Gold Gym has established itself as a leader of the pack. It is the world’s largest fitness chain and among the oldest gyms in the Pink city. The company is immensely popular for its finest equipment, infrastructure and well-knowledgeable fitness trainers that provide a tranquil and yet state of the art facility for its members to work out and exercise. Be it losing or gaining weight, toning muscles, increasing flexibility, or be it building strength or improving cardiovascular health, the Gold gym is the best in the fitness world. From Gyming, Bodybuilding, Yoga, Zumba, Crossfit to Mixed Martial Arts, Aerobics and Weight loss program, they provide all fitness courses with expert trainers for proper guidance so that you achieve your goals easily. 

Location: Gaurav Towers, 3rd Floor, Malviya Nagar;

E1, E45, UDB Hallmark Building, Gautam Marg, Vaishali Nagar

Contact: 0141-4003434, 0141-5112300



When it comes to the best gyms in Jaipur, undoubtedly Talwalkar’s gym stands out as a top-notch brand in the minds of consumers. Having multiple branches providing easy access to every fitness crazy person makes it the ideal gym in Jaipur. It is one of the most renowned fitness chains in the city offering a complete health care facility. They provide a gym, along with nutrition, health counseling services and an array of lifestyle programs. They appoint highly passionate trainers to train and encourage the members to stay fit and get them the best body. The world-class facilities, hospitality, and skilled trainers lead to its immense popularity among fitness lovers. This one-stop place keeps your physical fitness assured, leaving you influenced. 

Location: Raja Park, C-Scheme, Bani Park, Malviya Nagar, Nirman Nagar, Vaishali Nagar

Contact: 0141-2720449

NUYU Health Club

NUYU Health Club Jaipur

NUYU Health Club is one of the biggest fitness centers in India and most popular in Jaipur. Their range of services to keep makes the customer addicted to their fitness regime. NUYU health club provides a lot more than just the workout, it offers fitness services like gym, spa, and yoga, along with a dance studio, kickboxing, spinning studio, TRX for extreme strength training. They also have a well-developed cafe that incorporates certified dieticians who help you follow a healthy diet with their customized diet plans exclusively for you. With some of the best equipment available and certified work trainers at NUYU, they are dedicated to guiding you through choosing the right fitness program and its the whole process.  The well-trained and friendly instructors provide you with customized fitness regimes that suit your lifestyle body type. 

Location: Opp. Jharkhand Mahadev Temple, Queens Road, Vaishali Nagar

Contact: 0141-4016060

Tonique Fitness Studio

Tonique Fitness Studio Jaipur

Since January 2013 Tonique Studio has been influencing people’s lives physically as well as mentally and spiritually. Spearheaded Manisha Nowlakha a Zumba Expert, this fitness center changes the way people see fitness. The place turns out to be the most motivating by making the workout a fun task by providing Zumba, belly dancing and as fun and innovative techniques to achieve fitness. Apart from being a fitness center, TONIQUE STUDIO is also known as a dance studio. 

Location:  D 122, Janpath, 2nd floor, Shyam Nagar

Contact: 9828019297, 01414919027

Monster’s Gym

Monsters Gym

Next in the list comes Monster’s Gym, probably one of the best in Jaipur. They offer a wonderful environment for a gym that features upgraded equipment and professional trainers. The use of modern methodologies, nutritional concepts, and personal training is the best solution to fitness. The trainers work passionately with each trainee and give them special attention. They ensure the best outcomes with their level of fitness knowledge and high training. This gym will surely leave you enticed to keep visiting this place so that you don’t miss on your fitness goals. 

Location: C-341A, Malviya Nagar

Contact: +91-96672-54152

Big Apple Fitness Studio

Big Apple Fitness Studio

Delivering world-class fitness, Big Apple Fitness Studio is a fitness chain owned by a celebrity fitness trainer, Mr. Ajay Singh. Big Apple Fitness Studio aims to provide a holistic fitness regime to its members. Having the city’s best fitness programs, this fitness center has a huge fan following in Jaipur. Big Apple offers features CrossFit training, Pilates, Power Yoga, Cardio Kick-Boxing, Anti-Ageing Workout along with Diet Plans and the outdoor workout competitions. Apart from these regular fitness programs, they also provide specially designed Pre and Post Natal Workouts to the expecting mothers that benefit the mother and the baby physically as well as emotionally.

They employed a dedicated group of highly qualified fitness professionals who focus on allround the fitness of their customers.

Location: K-47 Lal Bahadur Nagar, SL Marg, Malviya Nagar;

1/413 Vidhyadhar Nagar;

D-232, Kalidas marg, Madho Singh, circle Bani park

Contact: +91-97721-22222

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness Jaipur

Anytime Fitness is known to attract a major fitness crowd in Jaipur with its ultra-modern facilities. This is the only fitness center in Jaipur which is open 24*7 so you won’t have to rush on your routine for your workout. Anytime Fitness is the best place to opt for a healthy transformation as they offer some of the finest equipment, personal training programs, and certified nutrition counselors. Whether you seek fitness, health or just lifestyle change, the expert trainers here provide a plan designed for each of their customers on their preferences and lifestyle habits. For those who seek fitness with affordable membership plans, it is the perfect gym. 

Location: 2nd Floor, Landmark Building, Ahinsa Cir, Panch Batti, D-38A, Ahinsa Circle, Subhash Marg, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar;

1st Floor, B-13, UDB Business Avenue, Govind Marg, Raja Park;

1-A, 2nd Floor, Naval Tower, Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Sector 8, Malviya Nagar

Contact:  089557 65576, 08955755575

X Core Fitness Gym

X Core Fitness Gym

Patrons rave about the personal attention they receive from X Core Fitness Gym’s trainers and its positive environment. This fitness center very well motivates the people to visit again and be regular to the gym. They have trainers from around the world and offer their services at minimal prices. This quality has earned them the spot at the top of the rankings of Jaipur. They also organize weight-loss competitions and bicycle races to entertain their customers and maintain their interest in a workout. 

Location: E-145, 406 to 411, 4th Floor, Ashok Marg, City Mall, C-Scheme Opposite St. Xavier’s School

Contact: 0141-4003241, 09828451232

The Fitness Pro

The Fitness Pro

Having more than 10 franchises all over the country, this fitness center carries enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainers, fantastic facilities, and different fitness programs. Dhoni workout at one of its branches and that’s what they dole out at, Fitness Pro is the favorite place for all the Dhoni fans. They offer a variety of sections for different kinds of workout just under one roof. Also, they have high-quality machines specially imported from outside the country. 

Location: The Fitness Pro, Near IPS School, Shipra Path, Shanthi Nagar B, Mansarovar, Jaipur

Contact: 09314455664



Multifit is a UK based fitness center which has a unique feature. They don’t follow the monotony of repetitive workouts and instead use innovative techniques. Multifit is home to a lot of unique things that make the customer happily indulge in their fitness routine  This place offers a number of training programs, including cross-functional training, group sessions, HIIT, endurance training, Dance, Calisthenics and much more which members can join to help reach their goals.

Location: J-34, Subhash Marg, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar

D-252, Amrapali Marg, D – Block, Vaishali Nagar

Contact: 074148 72872

For those who are serious about getting that beautifully shaped body and planning to go to the gym soon, these are the best gym in Jaipur with great trainers that can prove wonder in your health transformation. Be the healthiest you! Remember, it’s never too late!